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August 31, 2013

Special Someone Saturday: Wesley Ayers

Hi everyone! This week, my Special Some Saturday is brought to you by Wesley "Wes" Ayers from Victoria Schwab's The Archived!

As you may have noticed, I reviewed The Archived earlier this week. As soon as he was presented, I took an immediate liking to Wesley. Although he plays a secondary role in the story and isn't quite the love interest, I was definitely entertained by him. 

Wes has an optimism about him, a charm that naturally puts you in good spirits. He's in tune with the supernatural elements as well, which basically means that he's a trained fighter with plenty of skill and intellect. He's initially described as having "several inches of spiked black hair" and a "slanted smile". He also seems to be wearing eyeliner around light brown eyes. Definitely not my usual type, but hey, I can definitely work with the punk rocker look. ;)

A younger version of Shiloh Fernandez, perhaps?


Luckily for me, Victoria Schwab has confirmed that there is a "metric ton" of Wesley Ayers in the sequel.

Cannot. Wait.

That's all for me this week!
Feel free to comment on my choice or share your own special someone down below. :)

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