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August 3, 2013

Special Someone Saturday - Tod Hudson

Hi lovelies! This week's Special Someone Saturday is brought to you by the brilliantly witty Tod Hudson from Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series.

I have the first volume (pictured above) on Kindle, and as of right now, I've only actually read the prequel novella, My Soul to Lose, book one, My Soul to Take, and part of book two, My Soul to Save.

At this point, if you've read most or all of this series, you're probably wondering why I'm favoring Tod so early. To be honest, I'm being biased here. Since I've been in the blogosphere a while now, I've heard quite a bit about Tod's personality (don't worry, I've avoided actual plot spoilers), and even though I have only actually read a bit about him, I pretty much adore him already.  

I've never been big on blond hair, but somehow with fictional guys, it never seems to matter. Tod is described as having "cherubic lips", "bright blue eyes", and "a mop of blond curls". I love his sarcastic attitude and the fact that he still has an obvious vulnerability about him.

Tod sass:
"So could we please not mob the three-thousand-plus-year-old reaper like tweens at a boy-band concert?" (My Soul to Save)
Tod sensitivity:
"I knew Nash a long time ago. And sometimes I just...don't want to be alone." (My Soul to Take)
If that's not enough evidence, I suppose my partiality might have something to do with the fact that I sort of picture him like this...

Hellooo, Hayden Christensen...

Yup, that could definitely be it. I'm not sorry. >:) 

Thanks for tuning in!
Feel free to comment on my choice down below, or share your own special someone.

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