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Review Policy 

  • We will try to review all books we get. Since we are students, we may not be able to review every book we receive, but we will make sure to promote your book.
  • Our reviews are completely our opinion and 100% honest :)
  • I am not a Grammar nazi, so you will see some grammatical errors in my reviews (I'll try to minimize them though) <- This applies for Ishita--Zareen is the opposite.
  • We will give a short summary, because we do not want to spoil the book for everyone.
  • We will try to review all the books we read but that is a lot of books so bare with us if we are a bit slow :) And if there is a time frame do tell so we can adjust our schedule :)

The review will have :

Title and author
Publisher ( if you want)
Synopsis from Goodreads or publisher/author's website
Cover Art usually off of Goodreads
The review
and if you want other info, just let us know!

  • We will accept all books for review-So hard cover, paper back, old, new, used, etc :). We am also accepting e-copies but Ishita prefers printed copies but if you have no prints she will gladly take an e-copy. Zareen reads off her kindle a lot more.

Books We Review:
  • We read almost any kind of book...Ishita loves YA but she also reads nonfiction, historical fiction, steampunk, adventure, mysteries, dystopian, YA romance, etc [ she reads almost everything] :) No adult romances or erotic books please! 
  • We would love to work with new authors, and existing ones as well :D We will be open to anyone who is willing for us to read, review, and suggest more books for us to read :D We are easily reachable through email or Twitter.

email: singh.ishita55[at]yahoo[dot]com
twitter: [at]heyitsfishy

email: mizzbookworm[at]gmail[dot]com
Twitter: [at]MizzFictionista

Giveaway Policy 
  • Most giveaways( if not will be stated on giveaway) are open to participants of 13 years of age and older.
  • Be aware of who the giveaway is open to; they are not necessarily open internationally.
  • Giveaway winners will be announced on the blog, Twitter, and emailed.
  • Winners will have 48 hours to respond to the email. If we receive no response, we will choose a new winner.
  • We are not responsible for any prizes that lost in the mail.
  • We have the right to throw out any entry if I see necessary

Giveaways and Contest Holdings: 
  • The Reading Fish is completely open to holding giveaways for promoting your book(s)
  • It would be an honor if we could :)
  • If you want me to read and review , and promote your book, please send me an email at --> singh.ishita55@yahoo.com and if you can give a short synopsis that would be great!
  • If we agree to read, review, and promote the book we would need a copy of the book ; ARCs , books that are already published and e-books (Kindle)  though I do prefer hard copies because they are a bit easier to handle :)