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September 21, 2013

Special Someone Saturday: Jesse Eisenberg (From any movie really)

Last weekend I finally got the chance to watch Now You See Me, which I gotta say is a fantastic movie for those who want eye candy, good acting, a plot line you can't expect, and entertainment. 

Not only does that cast have a lot of eye candy, it has Jesse Eisenberg, who I am a huge fan of. I've only seen a few movies with him in it, but his nerdy, quirky, bit of a nervousness when he talks is probably the most entertaining thing ever! 

That sarcastic air, and the low key  humor he insert in between a solid convo or a tangent/ monologue amazes me since most people usually miss it so they just see a really rambly guy. In both the Social Network and  Now You See Me, Jesse has this sarcastic, controlling, yet really hot air to him. I think I am on of the only people who think this, but watching him in both movies was just wonderful. The guy is definitely talented! 

So without further ado, let's cue in the eye candy!

Jesse Eisenberg  | via Facebook


now you see me | Tumblr
You tell them Jesse! 
I also love Andrew Garfield <3
So Jesse Eisenberg is my special someone this week, whose yours? Tell me in the comments below, I would love to know! 

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