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September 28, 2013

Special Someone Saturday: Barrow Hess

Hi lovelies! This week's Special Someone Saturday post is brought to you by Barrow Hess from Rift by Andrea Cremer. 

I fell head over heels for Barrow Hess basically as soon as he was introduced. He is initially described as being rather tall and having "steel gray" eyes and smooth, dark hair the color of "a tree's bark after rain". As a knight, he has a bit of a stiff personality but is highly skilled. In essence, he fits the "tall, dark, handsome" cliché.

One of my favorite things about Barrow is that he always gives Ember the respect she deserves. It doesn't matter that she's female or just sixteen years old; he doesn't treat her like a child. He challenges Ember and pushes her limits, but he also knows when to reign in his teachings and just listen. He's both compassionate and stoic; it just depends on what the situation calls for. Barrow is the epitome of noble and it's difficult to not adore his protective side as well.

It took me a while to put an actual face to Barrow, but once I figured it out, I knew I'd gotten it right. In my head, this is who I see...

Hellooo, Gaspard Ulliel! <3 

And that's all for me; feel free to comment on my choice or share your own special someone in the comments below!

Have a good weekend. :)

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