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September 14, 2013

Special Someone Saturday: Gabriel

Hey guys! This week's Special Someone Saturday post is brought to you by Gabriel from Lisa Desrochers' Personal Demons trilogy.

I only just finished reading this series about half an hour ago, and let me tell you, my mind is reeling. While I loved every bit of Frannie and Luc together, the angel (technicalities aside) Gabriel is the one who really had my attention.

It's rather difficult to explain my attraction to Gabe. I know it isn't just because he's on the side of Heaven unlike Luc, because I like Luc too. I guess a part of me is fine with letting Frannie have Luc as long as I can call dibs on Gabe? :P I do tend to lean towards the bad boy most times, but there's just something about Gabriel that totally appealed to me--literal guardian angel status, perhaps?

At first mention, Gabe is described as having "sky-blue eyes" (no surprise there), "chin-length platinum waves", and "some pretty serious muscle definition".

Hellooo, gorgeous.

I promise I'm not just in it for looks. Gabe has some serious charm, and even though he isn't mortal, his sensitive side does show when he's around Frannie. He's very level-headed but also fiercely protective, and I love the dimension in his character.

While I wasn't particularly thrilled with how things turned out for Gabe, I can definitely accept that it was for the best since, after all, his loyalties lie with a higher power.

In terms of putting a real face to Gabriel, I actually think the cover model is pretty darn accurate. That said, you know who would also make an awesome choice?

Alexander Ludwig--he's got the hair color, the eyes, and that muscle definition...


Okay, I'm done now, promise.

Feel free to comment on my choice or share your own "special someone" in the comments!
Have a lovely weekend. :)

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