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December 19, 2011

Interview with Tiffany King ( Ascended Blog Hop)

Do you know how to do the chicken dance? Can you show us ? :D
LOL I’ve worked with young children for years, so um yep, I can do the Chicken Dance. Show you guys, heck no (believe me I’m saving you serious trauma by not showing you).

 If you are given a magical lamp with a genie inside: What are three things you would wish for?
1) To be happy.
2) To be loved.
3) And more wishes (Hehehe yep I’m a cheater eater). 

What food is heaven on earth for you? 
Chocolate is my heavenly food of choice. You can serve it to me any which way and I love it!!

What was your inspiration to start writing ?
My daughter for sure. She was my first reader and the first one to fall in love with my characters.

Summarize Ascended in 5 words. 
1) Eye-opening
2) Non-stop
3) Romantic
4) Climatic
5) Closure

Speed Round (3 questions)! 

Favorite Book that is not yours ;) :
My favorites for 2011 are: The Childe, The Vincent Boys, Sophie and Carter, and Hollowland J

Fish or Turtle :
Um cat ;o)

Reading or Writing :
Wow tough question. Writing when there is no pressure and reading under the same circumstances.
If you could take 5 things with you to a deserted Island, what would they be?
Well I guess it depends on how long I will be on the deserted island. If it was for a while my list would be selfish. I would pick my hubby (of course), my 2 kids (though they would probably drive me insane), my bestie & her daughter (because otherwise who would I have my girl chats with to complain when hubby is being a pain). So there you go I wouldn't take any worldly goods instead I would drag my friends & family to "exile" island with me Hehehehe ;)

Thanks Tiffany for the great Interview! And everyone get ready for Ascended it's going to be great! Plus follow the rest of the tour for more giveaways !

~Fishy >O

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