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December 29, 2011

Alex for the Win

As many of you know the YA Sisterhood Tournament of Heroines is going on...and today it's Alex from Half-Blood vs. Katniss from the Hunger Games. 

Alex may be the underdog, but she is so much more kick ass than Katniss....and Katniss is pretty amazing.
So Help vote for the underdog, because the you know Aiden would (super hot guy ;D) !

and Momo from Books over Boys is also having a giveaway supporting Alex


250 votes: a teaser from Pure
500 votes: a teaser from Onyx
750 votes: a teaser from Pure and Onyx
1,000 votes: a POV from Daemon (Obsidian)
And that's not all.
1250 votes: a teaser from Seth's POV in Pure
1500 votes: a teaser from Shadows.
WINNING votes: a teaser from Pure, Shadows, Onyx, and Cursed

And if Alex wins I will Giveaway A Copy of Daimon and Half-Blood!
All you have to do is vote for Alex and tell me what number you were when you voted!
and you can get extra entries by tweeting and spreading the word ! (+1)
Following is not required but appreciated :) 

Let's go Alex !!! 

~Fishy >O

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