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December 21, 2011

Blog Tour Stop for the Broken Destiny and Author Interview

Here is an Interview with the Author ! Plus there is also a contest at the end of the Interview ! :D 

So I have one really important question… How do you pronounce your last name? I have no idea and I really don’t want to mess it up when I say it in my IMMs or other vlogs.
wow its a difficult one :  Lu - boo - sh-k-u - g - ni,Hope that helps, its difficult because I’m Afrikaans and our pronunciations are difficult to translate , but I hope that helps.

Did living in South Africa inspire your book any way? And if so what, so we can all look for it when we read it.  :D (What are some other inspirations?)
Oh most definitely. Let’s just say I have brought South Africa and elements of the Zulu culture to Planet Poseidon ,  and as I grew up in the Apartheid era , I would love for people to find that element where race does not matter, or species for that matter( LOL) If you breathe you deserve love . But most importantly love and believe in one's self. Working together is the only way to beat a common enemy.

If you can summarize the Broken Destiny in 3 sentences, how would you?
The Broken Destiny is fiction at its best. Within this book and the Broken Series you will find a world of magic, science, paranormal, adventure love and struggles. Ava is a deep character with a lot of deep routed emotions that most everyone struggles to come to grips with, of course its blow right out of proportion!

What are a few things (lessons, emotions, etc) that you want people to get out from The Broken Destiny?
Oh wow, there is so much in there. Most importantly that fear cripples one's abilities, whether it be fear of something, or one's self. It is only though love of others, and of one's self that your dreams and your potential can take flight. And that no matter how much of an outcast you think you are, we're all in this together.

Do you have any tips for aspiring authors?
Follow your heart. Don’t doubt yourself. Feel as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to go anywhere with your mind. Write every day. Read a lot. Enjoy everything you have created.

Speed Round!

Reading or Writing ?
not fair!
Fish or Turtle?
Favorite Food?
seafood (lol)
Favorite Books of 2011?
again not fair! - Divergent
If you could only take 5 things with you on a deserted Island what would they be? item)
my husband
my two kids

Now Carlyle was also having a cover contest so here are some of the covers ! 

Winner of round one : 

My cover won round one ! :D Thanks everyone !!! and Keep voting ! 

Runner Up : 

And a New entry !

And here are more places where you can find Carlyle ! 

Trailer link :http://youtu.be/SmEknvuMeJk
Character trailer : http://youtu.be/vHVNVTSU6bQ
You can also view the entries for round two and vote here : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.254703281254261.62663.189835811074342&type=1

~Fishy >O

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