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October 22, 2011

Special Someone Saturday ! #4

Hey Guy's! This is our 4th Special Someone Saturday!!! :D 
Here was the Question:
"Who's your favorite baddie character? Who's the villain that you love to hate or hate to love?
            OH YES!!! Aeicha I love this question! :D Now I can totally talk about some Bad ass Characters....I have a "Gajillion" Bad Boys I want to talk about, I don't know that's many "baddie" females though...so I go with Bad Boy !! :D This week I pick Jack Dandy from The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross. So Jack Dandy *swoon* , if I dare say so, I love more than Griff! In The Girl in the Steel Corset Jack Dandy is the sophisticated, charming, and the one guy that everyone stays weary of. Though he is one of the most respected, I guess, he is respected for all things dark. While reading he basically had me on a spell, he has a way with capturing you ( but he seemed so sweet to with Finley.....but that is not part of this). He is your total,  Dark, Handsome, Sexy, Smart British guy, and well, he has to be my favorite baddie (whom I like not hate) as of now. 
           And the villain I hate the most at the moment has to be Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments. He is pure evil (the demon in him) but who can stoop that low! Gahhhh I hate him! He is just bleh, of all things. First he kisses Clary (aka his sister) (eww) and then second he is after Jace and well third...there is a huge reason but i don't want to say just in case of, you know, spoilers and then people freak out. But man do i hate him! >.< ! 

       So this was my Someone Special Saturday! Who is yours ! leave links in the comments so I can check out your blogs and follow them as well :D 

~Fishy >O

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