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October 21, 2011

Special Someone Saturday ! #4

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So this Is our 4th Special Someone Question ! :D 
This week our awesome question came from Aeicha @ Words Spelunking....and let me tell you...this is a great question! So here it is : 

"Who's your favorite baddie character? Who's the villain that you love to hate or hate to love?

Awesome right !!! Now all you have to do is create a post about your special someone and comment here so I can  check out all of your Special Someones ! Oh and on you post or in the comments you can put a question you would like to see in the near future :) !

here are some simple details : 

~ You can join me and gush over amazing people on your blogs :D
~Just fill out the link on the bottom :D
~ We can make this a follow blog hop, so people can jump post to post and visit your amazing blog!
~And lastly add this button if you would like ! Or you can make your own !
~ And remember to either comment on my Special Someone Saturday Answer post with a link to your post or @ message me on twitter with a link so I can check it out ! 

~Fishy >O

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