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October 28, 2011

Special Someone #5

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Hey guys! Sorry for such a late Special Somone Saturday Post, this week has been crazy! But without further  delay...Here it is !

If you could go on a Date with any character, girl or guy- it could be a girls night out or a romantic date if you want...who would you want to hang out with? And what would you do?
So, I have been wondering what others would say...but being the cheesy teenager, that I am - I would go out on a date with Cricket Bell <3 from Lola and the Boy Next Door ! We would go out to the park and have a picnic! I LOVE PICNICS ! They are so adorable, and to go on a picnic date with Cricket would be just amazing, a story come true. And  on this picnic we are going to take a long walk and play with a Frisbee lol :D ! 

So Cricket is my Special Someone this week! Who is yours ? leave comments below with links or who your special someone would be ! :D 

~Fishy >O

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