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October 15, 2011

Special Someone Saturday ! #3

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This weeks questions is:
Who is that one character that you have fallen in love with, and from that point were they perfect for you? (You are free to fangirl and fanboy ;D )
So as you all know...I love to SQUEEEEE!!! hehehe....and I love to fangirl! So I have fallen in love with so many guys...just too many! One who is my number one who i can never get over is.....PATCH from The Hush Hush saga by Becca Fitzpatrick! I actually ended up being scared by him in Hush, Hush till about the middle of the book. He seemed like a creepy stalker, and that scared the "heck" out of me! But he grew on me, slowly first with the looks...oh he is amazing ;) and then his personality, he is so sweet! The way he cares for Nora, and focuses on her, oh and i love his humor....he is too adorable? Adorable doesn't fit...he is too dang fantabulous! He is sexy, funny, sweet, delicate in a sense, and he doesn't make Nora a subordinate, she is treated equally.....and he is totally bad-ass and all being a fallen angel, and delinquent.... he is just eeeeep! 

So here was my Special Someone....who was yours ? Leave links to your posts, or just tell me in the comments! I am curious! :D 
~Fishy >O


  1. Good choice, chica!

    Here's mine: http://reachforthebooks.blogspot.com/2011/10/special-someone-saturday-3.html

    Yes, I totally flipped the question around, but it's awesome anyway. Teehee. :P

  2. I've yet to actually read the Hush Hush Saga (I know *gasp*) but I've heard MANY girls gush about Patch. He sounds so perfectly swoon-worthy.

    Here's my SSS

    :) Aeicha

    P.S. Had a SSS question idea- "Who's your favorite baddie character? Who's the villain that you love to hate or hate to love?"

  3. I read the first Hush, Hush book and plan on reading the rest. I agree Patch is bad-ass.

  4. I MUST read the HUSH HUSH saga now..
    Gr8 pick. What actor do you see him as?