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July 13, 2013

Special Someone Saturday- Hector Delos

Greek legends, their incarnates, and the gods equal mass chaos...but it also means an abundance of Adonises. Those of you who are familiar with Josephine Angelini's Starcrossed trilogy will probably agree with me when discussing the Delos family.

But out of the whole family, my special someone has to be Hector Delos. He is basically a rival to Lucas (family wise) Delos (his cousin), and does not act sweet and sensitive. I can pretty much say I was annoyed the heck out of him while reading Starcrossed. In Starcrossed I definitely preferred Lucas, in the words of Kat Stratford, I mean come on, "he is like...such a babe." But Lucas, is too common for me; he is the normal protagonist male, who the girl falls in love with. Yea, he is super hot and all, and has awesome powers, but he just seems like every other leading guy (don't get me wrong; I do not mind at all ;D!). 

Then you have Hector: the older, hotter (in my opinion), snarkier, and more strategic version of Lucas. His sarcasm is his charm, and my oh my his conversations with Helen are by far my favorite. In Starcrossed he despised her. Couldn't stand her at all, like think of Joseph Gordon Levitt during 500 Days of Summer 

but as time went on, murders happened, and the wrath of not being mortal brought Helen and Hector together. Just thinking of their names together- Helen and Hector, Helen and Hector, Helen and Hector  sounds so good!! *random thought ends here* 

So as Hector and Helen started to come on good terms, you actually saw the sweet side under all that military exterior. He still calls her Princess which I find bloody hilarious because Helen hates it, but he now is there protecting her. It's all sorts of win.

The brooding Greek Adonis will grow on you, I promise. Though he seems like an imbecile who will just blow up at any moment and hurt someone, but in reality he has everything planned out. Hector is the incarnate of the real Hector of Troy, a skilled fighter and war hero. Hector Delos is what one would call a worthy reincarnate; also a skilled fighter, Hector is probably one of the only hopes for saving the clans.

Well he is skilled, smart, sophisticated, but he is also SEXY!!! <3 Hector has blonde curly hair, tall, muscly, and brooding. If I had to pick anyone he looked like I would have to say Chris Zylka.

Zareen actually helped me figure out who to pick. I was thinking this face but could not remember his name!!  So in all of his glory I present to you Chris Zylka as Hector Delos. Make sure not to swoon too much! ;)

So what do you think? Hector was my special someone this week, who would be yours? Make sure to comment below and tell me about your favorite fictional character!


  1. I Loooved Hector all the way from the beginning of Starcrossed and till the very end of Goddess.
    I think Hector is one of the best things that happened to the whole trilogy. I mean... My favorite lines of the book are his. Like, 'Did Christmas come early this year?' Hector drawled as he stepped forward, grinning from ear to ear. 'Im Helen's champion, dickhead. You challenge her, you fight me.' Is it just me, coz when I read this line all I could think was 'Oh my god. I. Love. Hector' or 'This guy is just... Damn...'
    I mean you cannot resist falling for him and his sarcastic jokes.
    I totally agree with you, but I'd say I don't see him as that guy on the picture. I don't know. For me Hector is different. But I loved your article :)
    Thank you :)

  2. OMG ! THANK YOU ! He is perfect for Hector :) I've been trying to picture the perfect Hector in my mind & you're spot on about this guy. If they make a movie & actually use Kellan Lutz (mentioned majority of the time whenever I try to search for the perfect Hector) I'd probably not bother watching the movie. Like to use Kellan when in my mind he is still basically a "Vampire" it will ruin the image of Hector on so many levels.