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December 26, 2012

Best Contemporaries Of 2012

This year was probably the year of contemps for me. I had this phase where I only wanted to read more and more contemps. Picking my top ten was pretty tough, but I with the ones I have picked, I know I have a solid list :D

The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life Moonglass In Honor The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits, #1) Waiting For You Keep Holding On The Karma Club 52 Reasons to Hate My Father Stealing Parker (Hundred Oaks, #2)

I have practically only read Contemporaries this year; like I said, it was a phase. I fell in love with all of the books above. Whether it be gorgeous guys, relatable stories, troubled tens, or just how realistic each book is. Each one had their own special story that I will cherish, and after this year and the contemps, I can not wait till next year! 


  1. I started reading contemporaries more this year and I found I also love them! Pushing The Limits was one of my favorites I'm glad to see it on your list =)

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  2. I loved Pushing the Limits! I need to add some of them to my TBR list.

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  3. Loved Pushing the limits and The statistical probability of Love at first sight!! :) :) Beautiful books <3 <3 Great list! :)

  4. I've only read two of those, but I plan to read the others, too. (Especially Stealing Parker, Keep Holding On, The Best.. Okay, no, just realized there is no "especially". I want ALL OF THEM. NOW.)

    Happy Holidays,


  5. I went through a contemp loving phase as well, which is pretty surprising for me! I normally stick to my typical paranormal/fantasy, but I go through phases where I gobble up contemps occasionally. But you have some great books on this list!! I LOVED Pushing the Limits, and I actually surprised myself a ton when I enjoyed that one so immensely. It was fantastic! 52 Reasons to Hate Your Father was also such a cute read, I loved seeing Lexi's character develop throughout the story.

    Fantastic picks Ishita! <3