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October 13, 2012

Orange County Children's Festival of Books 2012

Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago *this is a very late post* I went to the amazing Orange County Children's Festival of Books aka #OCCBF. Second time going, it was just as great as last year, no better! We had 8 people in our group, including 5 book club members, my brother (who doesn't read, but after OCCBF he is in love with Andrew Smith's Marbury Lens), and two of my brother's friends. 

September 30th, was a great day, so many amazing and interesting panels, books that I have been dying to read, and obviously BOOKS! But this year was also very special because I got the opportunity to emcee the whole event, AND I got to moderate/ organize a blogger panel :D It was beyond awesome!

So not only did I get to meet amazing authors, but I got to be on stage with amazing bloggers from the SoCal area and talk to other people. Overall it was tons of fun, though it was HOT. I stayed around the same area, just running up and down just so I could emcee-impromptu emcee that is-but I had an amazing time, and can't wait for next year! Now so you guys can see how awesome it was here are a few pictures

The Blogger Panel! 
It was an amazing day, and almost everyone in our group one something that day :) I loved being able to share it with so many amazing friends and authors! And thank you Robyn for the wonderful opportunity!

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