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May 10, 2012

Blogger Birthday Bash: Interview-Jessi Kirby + Giveaway!

Happy Belated Birthday to Jessi Kirby's In Honor! 2 days ago In Honor was released on May 8th! And let me tell you, this book is FANTASTIC! I was lucky enough to get a final copy last month and I enjoyed it sooo much! So come read this interview with Jessi Kirby and checkout In Honor! Remember to comment so you get an entry in the giveaway! 

In Honor

What was your inspiration to write your book? 
When I started writing IN HONOR, I knew I wanted to write the story of a brother and sister, and I wanted it to include a road trip. Maybe one that didn’t make sense to take, and the idea of Honor getting her brother’s letter and mistaking a remark he made as a last request came from there. And many, many conversations with my husband who is my BEST idea person.
What is one book you wish, you had written?
There are many, but the first one that popped into my head is THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, by Jandy Nelson. Such a beautiful book.
Are you currently working on anything new? If so can we get a clue on what it is ;D?
I am! Right now I’m revising my 3rd book, GOLDEN. It’s the story of a girl who stumbles upon the journal of a girl who disappeared from her small town ten years earlier.
Who was your favorite character in the whole story? And why? 
My favorite character in IN HONOR is Rusty, because he’s one of those guys who’s easy on the eyes, rough on the surface, and good deep down.
What is the best part about having your book released in May?
That it’s out there just in time for summer and summer reading!

Speed Round Questions 

Favorite food ?
Reading or Writing ?
Print Books or E-books?
Print Books, always.


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~Fishy >O


  1. Yes I have been on many road trips....favorite thing about summer. I use to following a band around the country and I just love little towns and finding special little spots and restaurants that you always want to come back to.

  2. Me and my family drove all the way from Maine to Florida and back. I was really young so I don't remember much of it. I definitely want to go on a road trip to see all the baseball parks and anything cool inbetween like Alcatraz and Area 51.

  3. I've never been on a huge road trip...well, never mind scratch that...I guess back in 4th grade when my family and I drove from Maryland to Florida, that was pretty long and fun. I've always just liked long car rides. It gives me lots of reading and contemplating time and I love seeing new places. Shorter road trips I've been on are 3 hour ones to the beach every summer and a few road trips to see authors. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! This book has been catching my eye and another blogger reviewed it and got me even more interested. Love the interview!

  4. I'm really looking forward to this book :-)
    I have been on a country-wid road tip and it was adventurous, and unfortunately filled with mishaps lol. The fun part was being with my family and seeing how towns differed from one another. Also, the view was breathtaking, from mountains to flat land and forests.

  5. Thanks for the great giveaway. This book sounds really good.
    I love going on road trips. I like going off the beaten path and have discovered some great diners and resale stores in towns not on the map.

    laura thomas

  6. This book looks amazing!! Uhm, Ill come up with something different than last time- the different food experiences. The taste that each area has to offer

  7. I love road trip! Just driving with the windows down and our favorite bands playing on the radio :) can't wait to start taking them again ( when our 3 yr old is a bit older!)

  8. haha, I love tacos too :) And My favorite thing about a road trip is the funny things/ people you see driving. also punch buggie games!!!

  9. I love the new sights I see. Different than seeing the same thing over and over. :D

  10. I have been on several road trips with my family and I love them!

  11. I have been on several road trips with friends and I loved them. My favorite parts were the music we listened to and the convos we had while traveling. Those convos, no matter how crazy or off the wall they seemed, brought us closer together.

  12. I have been on lots of road trips, I'm actually about to go on one in a couple of weeks. I like the leisurely ones where we just stop wherever we feel like it without a true plan.

  13. Yeah, a couple, but they weren't that fun because we were trying to get to our destinations as quickly as possible. lol We only took breaks to use the restroom, get gas, and eat. (The times my family drove from the US East Coast to Mexico took about 3 days, and we would stop at hotels at night of course.) Seeing the landscape and scenery change was cool. The desert is creepy at night! But the sky is huge and beautiful. :)

  14. Yes! The most recent (and my favorite) one was this last Spring Break, when three of my closest friends and I drove down to Texas. Such a blast! I love the bonding, the music, and the games.

  15. Yes! I loved the unexpected! Unexpected stops along the way and the possibility to just go visit something if you see an interesting sign...

  16. No i have not been on a roadtrip :( i wish i have though... they seem like so much fun :)

  17. Ohhhh, road trips...yes! In my younger days, anyway. It was always fun to pack up with some friends and just go.

    The best parts were when we first got started. Everyone's so excited and ready to go. If it's a long trip, people get tired, hungry, cranky, etc... but it's always fun when a second wind kicks in for everyone and there's singing to the radio, talking, and laughing.

    The absolute best part is arriving to the destination. Well, and coin toss for the return trip and getting back into your driveway. :)

  18. Lost of road trips with the fam. Love stopping for treats or having hours of solid reading time. Yay!

  19. I've been on some roadtrips with friends and family. During roadtrips, I like zoning out with music and staring out the window at all the various sights.

  20. I love almost everything about road trips! Just looking out of the window, having long conversations wihout interruptions, stopping wherever you want,...

  21. I've been on many road trips, and I love being able to stop and explore whenever you feel like it!

  22. I been on three long roadtrips (more than 10 hours) and I have to say the scenery is the best thing. You see things you probably would have never saw anywhere else!! Some beautiful, some ugly but it's all worth it!

    Racquel @ The Book Barbies♥