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March 5, 2012

Review: Ten Rules for Living with my Sister by Ann M. Martin

Hey everyone! Today Sneha is back! If you don't remember her, Sneha is my middle school reading/ reviewing buddy! She loves to read, and she loves telling people what she thought of a book!

Ten Rules for Living with My Sister
Pearl’s older sister Lexie is in eighth grade and has a boyfriend. Pearl’s only boyfriend is the family’s crabby cat, Bitey. Lexie is popular. Pearl is not, mostly because of the embarrassing Three Bad Things that happened in school and which no one has forgotten. Everything Pearl does seems to drive Lexie crazy. On top of that, their grandfather is moving into their family’s apartment and taking over Pearl’s room. How will these sisters share without driving one another crazy?

Pearl is good at making lists of rules, but sometimes, life doesn’t play by the rules!

Ann M. Martin definitely wrote a nice book for little kids that convey the message of the unique love between the two sisters, Pearl and Lexie, who are totally different people. Underneath all the fighting there is a special love, and relationship that can only be formed, not broken. I commend Ann M. Martin for capturing the essence of sisters. The Ten Rules for Living with my Sister was a pretty good book. I did not really like it because the vocabulary was very easy and the story was very boring. This book was meant for kids between the ages 9-11. This book definitely taught me to appreciate your siblings and treat them nicely. I rate this book 2/5 stars because there were no surprising twists and the storyline was extremely boring and predictable.


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