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March 23, 2012

Interview : From the Alibi Series

Hey Guys! 
Today we have an author interview with all the authors who helped create the Alibi Series! This series is a new e-book series, and each book is by a different author! So keep reading for the interview! 

 What gave you the idea for the ALIBI series?
We are long-time lovers of YA. With the dawn of the digital publishing era, we saw an opportunity to play with the storytelling construct in a way that traditional books don't allow. That was the initial spark of the idea for Twist Literary - to produce YA e-books with a twist. In the case of our debut series ALIBI, that twist is having the larger story unfold within the separate mini-stories of four different characters. Some of the scenes overlap so you see select interactions from two different perspectives, which is really fun. Some of the scenes are completely unique to the character, or are continuations of "what happened after" another character left. As the reader you get to see things you normally wouldn't be able to and the result is really fun!

2. If the planet were about to explode and you could only take one character with you on your escape pod, which one would you take?
Charles, because he’s handy in a crisis from all that camping and survival training in the Australian outback. Plus, he's well read and a great conversationalist. And let's face it - he’s easy on the eyes.

3. If each character was stranded on desert island and could bring only one item, what would it be?
Charles: An attractive girl. He has a particular girl in mind, in fact.
Palmer: Her application to Harvard because being stranded on a desert island is no excuse for not achieving your goals.
Mason“Ace”: His Mercedes G-wagon. And don't even try to say it's too big to transport or he'll flip out.
Rowan: The moleskine notebook in which she records all of her observations. Watching how Charles, Palmer and Mason react to being stranded should make for an intriguing social experiment.

4. What's your favorite scene in the ALIBI series?
There are too many to pick just one! We love the opening scene of Palmer’s installment. It’s tantalizing, but if we tell you why we’ll ruin the surprise. There is also a particularly steamy pool scene featuring Mason and a girl who shall remain nameless - it made us blush...in a good way.

5. ALIBI is all about uncovering who was responsible for Abby's death, but there is no installment from her perspective. Will there be one in the future?
Excellent question. We've always been intrigued by Abby's story, so it's definitely a possibility!‪ Abby has been up to a lot of things that nobody knows about, and we've only scratched the surface with her and with the world of Spring Valley in general.

Thanks to Twist Publishing for giving me this opportunity to interview the authors! You can check out Alibi on : 

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