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September 30, 2011

Special Someone Saturday ! (Kick Off) #1

Hey Guys,
It's me Fishy...AGAIN ! xD I have decided to have a weekly post every Saturday where I can just gush, on and on and on over guys and gals I have met this week! As you can tell from my reviews I love to gush over guys, and sometimes some Kick-butt girls. Every week I will have a new question up for you to answer with your post...And I will feature one Blogger's post every week!

Hehe, So here are the details...
~ You can join me and gush over amazing people on your blogs :D
~Just fill out the link on the bottom :D
~ We can make this a follow blog hop, so people can jump post to post and visit your amazing blog!
~And lastly add this button if you would like ! Or you can make your own !

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So Here is Our Kick Off Question ! : 
Who is your all time favorite character in the world? And why Him(Her)? ( And it would be awesome if you put a picture too, of what you think they look like!)

~Fishy >O

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