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September 8, 2011

Orange County Children's Book Festival

This October, there will be an amazing book festival in Southern California! The Orange County Childrens Book Festival has an amazing Teen/ YA Panel with amazing authors and Books ! This whole event is Free to the public as well, so come and join the fun and share your love of books ! The Event runs from 9:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon ( and it is on a Sunday) ! For more info click HERE

Here is some of the great Panel ! : 

Greg Taylor - Killer Pizza Series
Helen Stringer - SpellBinder and Midnight Gate
Greg van Eekhout - Kid vs Squid and The Boy At The End Of The World
Mark Jeffreys - Max Quick
PJ Haarsma - The Soft Wire
Frank Beddor - Looking Glass Wars Series 
Lisi Harrison & Garret - Monster High Dolls Designer, Mattel - Monster High
Holly Goldberg Sloan - I’ll Be There
Heidi Kling (Moderator) Sea - Truth and Dare - Visitors Guide To Mystic Falls
Jessi Kirby - Moonglass
Lindsey Leavitt - Sean Griswold’s Head and Princess For Hire Series
Kirsten Hubbard - Like Mandarin
Andrew Smith - Marbury Lens and Stick
Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan (Fug Girls) - Spoiled
DJ MacHale - Monster Princess 
Kailin Gow - Fire Wars
Kami Garcia Reading Beautiful Chaos 
Inara Scott - Delacroix Academy
Cindy Pon - Kingdom of Xia Series
Jeff Mariotte - Dark Vengence
Gretchen McNeil - Possess
Lisa Desrochers - Personal Demons and Original Sin
Katie Alender - Bad Girls Don’t Die - From Bad To Cursed
Nancy Holder - Chicks Kick Butt - Damned (Crusade Ser.) - Unleashed (Wolf Springs Chron.)

Isn't This Great !! Come and Join If you can, let's make this year great ! 

~Fishy >O


  1. Ugh this sounds awesome! Wish I lived in OC!

  2. I second that! It looks fabulous!

    Also, following you now after the ANNA and LOLA discussion on Twitter. :)

    I read your About Me - you definitely have big plans for you life and that's great! And I'm so jealous you started a book club at your school. Way cool...I wish I had thought of that stuff when I was a junior!


    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  3. @Anna i live about 30 minutes from it, so i got lucky, otherwise i can nevr go to events :P

    @aLmYbNeNr oh lol haha yea i loved both books, and thanks :) I wanted it my freshamn year but they didn't have one so sophomore year i was like, i must have this! So me and a friend (Taco) we created it :D lol