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August 10, 2011

Interview with Kate Fuentes ( Elements)

Elements: The Beginning

Hi Guys ! If you have read my Review of Elements HERE , you can tell I enjoyed the book! I read it a couple of months ago, and now I have finally got a chance to put my interview up with the Author of Elements, Kate Fuentes! So here is the Interview! ...

Fishy: For most authors, there is always someone or something that inspires the authors to write. What was your Muse/Inspiration/or Support system that got you into writing your debut Novel Elements?

Kate: My oldest son requested for me to write a bedtime story for he and his little brother so we could read before going to bed.  I began putting together a short story but eventually got carried away and ended up creating a novel. My intentions were to have the novel bound and give it to them at Christmas but then I had a change of heart and decided to make it a demonstration and learning process for all of us. My husband and I consistently tell our children to go after their dreams, that anything is possible. My goal in publishing my first novel was to show my kids I wasn’t just saying the words, but actually living by them as well. I don’t want my sons to have a tarnished perspective of ‘what could have been’ if they never put the effort out in the first place and how would they learn from experience if I didn’t indeed lead by example. 

Fishy: When writing Elements, out of all the places the boys would move, why did you pick New Zealand? 

Kate: I chose New Zealand because I have often wanted to go there and also because I was entirely intrigued by the native Maori people who have such rich traditions and interesting history. I knew by creating Maori characters that surrounded the twins in the story as mentors, I would be able to tie in my own fantasy of traveling to the beautiful country. Being a fiction writer does have its perks, I got to take a literary journey through the pages of my own book and image the lush landscape of Thorn Ranch basking in the sun down under.
Fishy:  If you had to pick a favorite character, who would it be, and why? 

Kate: That is a difficult question! I solely based my twins on the real life characteristics of my own children, so the honest and diplomatic answer is I love them both equally. I have detailed what they look like in reality, their food preferences, personality traits and obvious differences. Although, I would be quite interested to see how young readers will choose their favorites as many of the YA books today have teen book throbs and YA crush tourny’s. I would have to say Maui would be very close to my heart, who doesn’t love a bachelor full of wit, humor and evident fashion handicaps!

Fishy: What can we expect in book two of the Elements series?

Kate: I am currently half way through book 2 and I’m thoroughly enjoying the twists and turns of the new journey. Readers can expect more adventure, definite portal lapses, possible love interests, malicious intentions, exceedingly more elemental capabilities and new surprises. Those who have read my first book understand it ended on a cliff hanger and will be looking for the location of a certain character; sorry, no spoilers! I have continued to incorporate a heavy layer of moral and immoral situations for readers to experience and decipher for themselves what they would do if confronted with such a position. I like to see how often I can blur the lines between reality and fantasy without it being blatantly recognizable.

Now for some random questions....

Fishy:  If you were given an all powerful Genie, what three wishes would you make, and why?

Kate: I find myself stalling to see if I should answer politically correct or answer whimsically…. I’ll go with whimsical:
An endless closet of rotating high heels/platforms which styles change daily and they are organized by color. Of course, I have the option to keep any favorites I might have along the way for the archives. (Some have called my love of shoes an obsession, but I refer to it as an appreciation!)
A Learjet on stand-by at my beck and call ready to whisk my family and I anywhere in the world we would like to go, for a lifetime. Fuel costs included and an endless credit card limit. Oh… and Gordon Ramsey as our personal chef except he has to be nice and reserve his potty mouth for his other day job!
I saved the best for last but truth be told I really do hope this comes true: I would ask for both my children (when they get older, much older) to find the love of their life in a nice girl who has a kind heart, sense of compassion, integrity, and loves them back ardently. What mother doesn’t want that for her children? But let me just stress again, much older…after college kind of older…years from now older… stay back ladies…
Fishy:  What were favorite books of 2011? ( It can be any Genre or language)

Kate: I love all different genres but so far this year I had a few fav’s. CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS by Cassandra Clare, OUTLANDER series by Diana Gabaldon. I haven’t had much time to read as often as I like because I’m working on getting book 2 completed by the end of this year along with working full time, sports schedules, family vacations, etc.
Fishy: Now the Classic Question: If you were stuck on a deserted Island...What 5 things would you bring?

Kate: I know you said things but some of my answers include people. Sorry, I’m a rebel and don’t always follow the rules.
          1) Family (if I’m going to be stuck, so are they!)
          2) Bear Grylls (survivalist, someone needs to feed us!)
          3) Sunscreen
          4) Kindle
          5) Captain Jack Sparrow (he makes me laugh and could come in handy)

Thanks Kate for doing this interview with me ! I just can't wait for Book 2 ! And for everyone else, you should really read Elements, it was a fun read :) Click HERE for my Review of Elements by Kate Fuentes 

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