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July 22, 2011

Review of Boy vs Girl

Boy Vs. Girl

The Summary (via inside cover of the book)
They're twins, born 6 minutes apart. both are in turmoil and both have life-changing choices to make ...
Farhana must decide if she dares to wear the hijab at school and give up her relationship with the handsome Malik. Faraz has fallen in with a drug-dealing street gang, when all he really wants is to be an artist. But does he have the courage to confront Skrooz and his boys? As the peaceful month of Ramadan unfolds at the twins' family home, disaster is looming out on the streets for Faraz and Farhana.
This powerful novel dramatically explores the issues facing young Muslim teens living in a modern society.


From the first page i was somewhat able to relate to Farhana. She is an Asian ( Pakistani) in the UK trying to fit in...( me Indian trying to fit in the USA). she uses Indian terms, and India foods (yumm) and mentions Bollywood actors and such. But as the story went on. i felt enlightened on Islamic traditions, my best friend Zareen aka Taco is Muslim so i have learned a lot from her, but as the story went on and the climax built up, i felt like i was being preached to convert.

Being my own person, i don't like being told to do something, especially in religious matter (lot's of pressure when i was younger from kids at school) so I started to lose interest in the book. The story was there and so was the message, I respect how she played Islam as a key factor in the story, it was a very educational experience and i was able to learn a little bt more about the religion in the teen perspective.

There were some controversial scenes especially how their Aunt wanted to marry a White man ( who was Muslim) and how the uproar it created within the family...i can easily relate to that because if i ever end up marrying a non-Hindu non-Indian guy...well let's just say bye-bye Fishy. So overall i was able to relate to this book, and enjoyed reading it as well. The twin's brother-sister relationship was very sweet especially at the end :) . I would recommend this book, to people who don't mid very religious books , or who just love learning things in general. i would give this book a 3.5 /5 or a 3/5.

~Fishy >O

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