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July 15, 2011

Our Last act of Mischief....

Today Zareen @ reachforthebooks.blogspot.com and i went to Harry Potter 7 part 2....OMG! The movie was amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You laughed, and cried, screamed, and giggled! Most of all you absolutely positively fell in love with the World J.K. Rowling created ! Here are some pics from our adventure ! ....

Well so we got there really early...like almost 2 ours before our show so they let us in early so we got a .........

that's Zareen aka Taco sitting in the center lol

 Empty theater!....for the time being...lol....then we started to goof off a bit lol
Now me ! 

both of us are in here...i sat infron because i had no time to run  to the top XD

BFFL <3 

Smurfs!!!!! i need a picture!!!!!...or two...lol

Before the movie.......

I was getting impatient.....

I had chocolate in my mouth...lol

Zareen after the movie...i was standing on a wall lol
Our last adventure for HP but not our Last adventure the rest of time :D I have so many mixed feelings right now....I just can't believe it's over! Thank You J.K. Rowling for creating an amazing world that will always be part of all our lives!!!

~Fishy >O

Go and watch if you haven't ! 

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