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August 6, 2014

If Only... (18)

If only The Other End of the Line were a book.

Haven't seen or heard of the movie yet? Here's a taste:

Struggling to convince his new hotelier client, Kit Hawksin, Granger Woodruff is told by one Jennifer David that his identity has been compromised, and his credit card is being misused. While tracing transactions, both become friendly and agree to meet in San Francisco at the Hawksin Hotel. She does not show up, and Woodruff befriends an East Indian woman, Priya Sethi, who has come to attend a relative's marriage. Woodruff will get a rude awakening when he finds out that Priya is actually Jennifer - who is the fiancé of wealthy Mumbai-based Vikram Bhatia - and has traveled there without informing her family. He will also incur her dad's wrath, who has been compelled to travel there along with his wife to first locate and then escort Priya back home to get her married to Vikram.
Anyone who knows me well is aware of how much I absolutely adore this movie. Being Indian by ethnicity, I may be a little biased, but generally it's just a feel-good type of film, and I think it would translate quite well on paper.

Both Granger and Priya have the capacity to be very dynamic, relatable main characters, and that makes for a good starting point in terms of the written word. Their relationship could easily attract readers of all ages.

The characters in The Other End of the Line are clearly too old to fit into the YA genre of literature, but I think NA could work; however I wouldn't complain if it was left as an adult contemporary/romance. One thing I would absolutely love about a novelized version of this movie is the attention to culture. I think that even in this very open-minded age, books still lack some diversity and an accurate portrayal of experiences from a variety of backgrounds, so this would be a nice addition.

That's all from me this week! Feel free to comment on my choice in the comments. :)

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