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July 26, 2014

Special Someone Saturday: Braden from On the Fence

This past week I finished reading On The Fence by Kasie West, and well safe to say I have officially added another special someone onto my never ending list! This week, I'm featuring my newest bookish boyfriend, Braden ( I don't know his last name :(( I feel like it would be Thomas for some reason but I can't remember).
Braden, is the type of guy, any girl would call her perfect match. He is the best friend, boy next door, and basically a guy you have grown up with. He is that guy who respects you and knows you better than anyone else. So, I mean, how would I not swoon, and fall in love with him as I got know Braden more.

Figuring out who a real life version of Braden would be was quite hard to determine. It's always the hardest part; the books are so detailed and thorough on characters and who they are that finding them in real life tends to be difficult. Now I get how hard it must be to cast people for book to movie adaptations!

After searching for over two hours (I mean it's not too bad of a task googling attractive guys...but it takes up waaay too much time) my version of Braden would be *insert drum roll here*

Original Image Link
I had such a difficult time finding the boy next door who's attractive, smart, the best friend, doesn't give off a creepy vibe, with an athletic build, and so much more. But I can definitely see Ludwig as a Braden of some sorts.
Original Image Link
 I mean look at those eyes *swoon* though they gaze deeply into yours there is a soft knowingness and comfort in them (just like how Braden acts/ looks towards Charlie).
Original Image Link                                 Original Image Link

And those abs definitely prove his athleticism, and I can assume you can tell he is attractive too *swoons in the back*

Original Image Link

And I mean, look at him with the puppy; it practically screams boy next door (well with a huge dose of "damn, this boy is fine!")!

So after searching for so long, I think I have done a pretty good job with finding a great real face for Braden that we can all admire and love! I would definitely reccomend reading On the Fence not only for the swoon worthy characters, but also for the fact that the book is well written, simplistic, and a perfect summer read for those who are in search for one! 

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