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May 28, 2013

Review: Falling for Hadie by Komal Kant

“Sometimes there is a single moment that changes your life forever.”

Hadie Swinton is giving up on boys.

After a disastrous relationship, she is convinced that all males are the same—arrogant, self-assured, and complete jerks.

Lincoln Bracks is giving up on his old life.

After moving to a new town to escape the problems plaguing him, he is set against ever getting close to anyone again.

When Hadie and Lincoln’s worlds collide, their intrigue for one another leads them to open up to each other against their better judgment. Despite the attraction that is pulling them together, insecurities, secrets, and shattered hopes stand in the way of them ever being together.

At a time when darkness consumes their lives, Hadie and Lincoln learn that hope and love can still be found in the most unlikely place.
Going into Falling for Hadie, I'll admit that I didn't have the highest expectations. From the synopsis, I was afraid that it would turn out to be just another boy-meets-girl, girl-has-issues, boy-has-secret, insta-relationship-anyway contemporary, but now I can gladly say that this novel literally took my breath away.

Hadie Swinton and Lincoln Bracks are a match made in literary heaven. Hadie's no nonsense attitude and Lincoln's genuine charm pulled me in right from the start. Her response to being cheated on by her ex may have been a little over the top dramatic, but a heroine who stands up for herself is one that I'll always support. Lincoln, on the other hand, was amazing in that he wasn't like the usual bad boy--and beyond that, he actually changed after having been one in the past. Sure, circumstances played a part in his mindset, but I was head over heels regardless.

It's the little things in Falling for Hadie that really made me adore the book. For one, I appreciated that Hadie didn't have a common girl's name (her full name is Hadassah--cool, right?!). Two, I loved the openness and tight bond between Hadie and her parents. All too often, it seems that YA protagonists are characterized by strained familial relationships, so this one was rather refreshing.

The biggest surprise for me was definitely the ending. I've been reading for as long as I can remember, so it's rare that a book completely catches me off guard. The author managed to weave hints so subtly between other intense scenes that I didn't even realize what was really going on until the plot twist occurred. By that point, I was quite literally bawling, and if you read Falling for Hadie, you'll understand why. Contemporary fans, don't let this hidden gem pass you by.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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