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March 29, 2013

Torrance High School 2nd Annual Author Fair

Today was the fabulous THS Author Fair! 
I don't have pictures YET, but let me tell you it was amazing! 

I would like to thank all the authors who were present:

Jennifer Bosworth
Cecil Castellucci
Jessica Brody
Cat Patrick
Kevin Emerson
Martha Brockenbrough
Sean Beaudoin
Lish McBride
Stacy Jay
Elana K. Arnold
Shannon Messenger
Abby McDonald
Corrine Jackson
Carol Tanzman
Gretchen McNeil
Robin Benway
Chris Howard
Kasie West
Cylin BusbyBethany Lopez
as well as the fabulous librarian:
Evan Coates!
We had OVER 200 students attend plus the 20 authors! It was overwhelming, but in a good way. Even though we did this last year, I honestly did not know what to expect this year. It was not flawless, but any problem we had we found a solution :)

The main event was 2.5 hours and like last year the students would rotate meeting each author. With more students and authors it was definitely much more crowded and louder. It was funny because all the groups would have random competitions to see who would be the loudest! I was entertained, and glad everyone was having such a great time! 

After the main event we had a panel with: 
Cat Patrick
Kevin Emerson
Martha Brockenbrough
Sean Beaudoin
Lish McBride
Aka the You are Next! Panel. 

This is when the problems start to begin. So apparently the school forgot to set up all the things that I needed set up for the panel so there was a stressful rush through the thing! BUT luckily Sean and I were able to find my AP Lit teacher and get all the things we needed. So Trouble + awesome people= fixing the problem and pulling it off! :) I was excited that we were able to get everything and the show went on! 

After the panel it was time to say good bye to all the authors :( I had made little gift boxes for each of them plus we made posters to decorate the library. Here is an example:

So as a parting gift we gave away the boxes and chocolate :) Overall it was a wonderful experience and glad as a senior I was able to make a difference! I know next year will be great and hopefully I will be able to visit with Zareen and be part of the audience this time around. I am thankful for such a wonderful club, this amazing group of authors, and all of the students who were able to come today. It was a lot of fun for me and I hope everyone else! <3 


  1. Nice to see a great activity where I was librarian from 1973 to 1991. That bus on the wall was painted by Trudi Rice in 1985. You did a great job of getting authors, setting a format, and engaging kids.

    1. Thanks Mr. Moore!
      Torrance High is a great school and I wanted to help create a new change :) I love the library, and everything about it, and am so glad that students enjoyed as well!

  2. I had so much fun at this event! Thanks so much for inviting me.