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March 17, 2013

Special Someone Saturday- Donald from Pitch Perfect

In under three months I have watched Pitch Perfect more than 10 times. I am obsessed with that movie; as in so obsessed, that I randomly start singing the songs from the Riff Off in the middle of ceramics class. Well from the movie I have a total crush on Donald, the Indian guy who raps and is an amazing dancer! 

He probably has some of the funniest lines throughout the movie, and never failed to make me laugh. And for those who have not seen the movie, you must hear/ watch this clip! It is AMAZING! 
An Indian guy who can rap and sing acapella, I mean come on! Plus he is aca-cute! He has this nerdy vibe throughout the movie, full of witty humor, and a look to complete it. 

I mean there is not much I can say about him without ruining the movie. He is a minor role, but yet at the same time one of my favorites! EVERYONE must watch this movie, it is hilarious, full of great music, and well cute guys ;) 

Watch this clip of the Riff Off to get what I was singing! *PG-13 Content*

So who is YOUR special someone this week? 

1 comment:

  1. Everyone,brace yourself with the Pitch Perfect 2. Hehe I was hooked with the first movie and been loving the whole cast. Every persoality was indeed lovable so I am just excited to meet the new ones and would be surely welcome by the movie fans. Pitch Perfect songs download were made available by generous people just be very careful with dangerous sites. Thanks for this nice share and all I could say is ACA-AWESOME!!!
    DONALD is my ultimate CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!