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February 23, 2013

Special Someone Saturday- Daemon Black

Happy Saturday Everyone! 
Yesterday I was in surgery, and while on laughing gas the doctor was telling me to think happy thoughts. Well my happy thoughts consisted of books, unicorns, and DAEMON BLACK from Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux series! 
*swoon**dies* *swoon*
Currently one of the latest, sexiest, and smartest bad boys around, Daemon Black has stolen everyone's heart. He is the ultimate bad boy in Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux series. Donning a sarcastic, flirty, and over confident exterior, Daemon knows how to make a girl swoon. Seducing Katy with his cocky lines:
you can't do anything but sigh in his sexiness! The tension between him and Katy will make any girl jealous; all you can wish is to be Katy, or just have your own Deamon (I know i want one). I mean who wouldn't want this! 

His gorgeousness is so overwhelming that it is unbelievable that it exists! Well he is an alien that is made of light so it makes some sense...
The cover model (the guy in all the pictures) is exactly how I pictured Daemon, if not better [to be honest]. Those green eyes are mesmerizing, and those luscious locks are perfect. Let's just stare at him a bit more <3 


I know I want that cookie ;D! 

Jennifer did a fantastic job creating Daemon, and I can not wait for Origin; That means more Daemon for me, and more of Jenn's literary geniusness! 

So do YOU have a special someone this Saturday? Tell me in the comments below who is your swoon worth fictional character this week!