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September 19, 2012

The One that I Want by Jennifer Echols

*Beware of Mean Girls references*

Gemma can’t believe her luck when the star football player starts flirting with her. Max is totally swoon-worthy, and even gets her quirky sense of humor. So when he asks out her so-called best friend Addison, Gemma’s heartbroken.Then Addison pressures Gemma to join the date with one of Max’s friends. But the more time they all spend together, the harder Gemma falls for Max. She can’t help thinking that Max likes her back—it’s just too bad he’s already dating Addison. How can Gemma get the guy she wants without going after her best friend’s boyfriend?
To be honest I knew I would love The One that I Want. I am in the phase where I have been devouring contemporaries, and well this is obviously a contemporary. The book was cute, but I got frustrated at parts.

Jennifer Echols is a master in writing romance for teens, and once again she did a great job creating another contemporary romance. I would be lying if I said this is a book for everyone. It is not. Very teen chic, this is a book for people who have a guilty pleasure in teen romance. The book is a love square, if that makes sense. Gemma and Max like each other, sounds simple right? It is never simple. Addison, Gemma's "best friend" is involved with Max. But wait, there is more! Addison is pushed into a relationship with Carter, Max's friend. Can it be anymore complicated?

Gemma has recently lost a lot of weight, and is still trying to build up her confidence. Her supposed best friend, Addison, is constantly pushing her down and has control over her. Gemma is in love with Max, and throughout the novel both share a sweet chemistry. They can't stay away from each other, but can't be together because of Addison.

I never actually *hate* characters, but Addison is a total, Regina George! Who can actually treat a person so cruelly? She claims she does this for Gemma's well being, but all her actions just make Gemma even more self conscious. You feel horrible for Gemma, while reading The One that I Want, poor girl has no self confidence or assurance. The leading man in the novel, was  O.K . That's it, O.K. He was sweet, athletic, and you knew obviously was gorgeous. Unfortunately nothing stood out about him. Like many of the characters in the novel, though well combined as a whole and well executed, they were all "cookie cutter" characters.

The plot was actually what kept the book together. You knew from the start who would be with who, but the way you reached the end was a surprise. The tender moments between Max and Gemma, versus the tensions between Gemma and Addison created a great variety in the rhythm of the story. The small details is what really kept the story going.

A fast paced, and sweet contemp this is sure to be a win for people looking for a bit of a romance. Simple, sweet, and fun you are sure to love it! The characters may be generic, but the story itself isn't for sure. Overall this book receives a 3.5/5.


  1. HAHA I love the Mean Girls reference! Im not sure if I'm into the love square but I have been devouring contemporaries lately!

    1. I agree! I have been going crazy with contemporaries lately! Thanks for commenting :)

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