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June 11, 2012

ALA 2012 Blogger Meet Up!

TIME CHANGE!! WE ARE MAKING IT 5:30-7:30! I didn't realize ALA ended earlier! So we have an earlier time so you can still go to the Great YA BLOGGER MEETUP!! 

Hey Guys! 
So Zareen from Reach for the Stars and the Books and I realized that we really can't do much at the Great YA Blogger Meetup at ALA this year. Since it takes place at a bar, and we are underage, we can't really drink, or eat anything at the meetup. And since that is a time we all eat, we decided we should go out somewhere more teen friendly where we can meetup with other bloggers and eat something at the same time!

So we are planning a dinner/ hangout for any one who loves YA, whether you are a blogger, author, or just a YA fanatic! Everyone is welcome, it will be super casual, and fun! You all should come, it's a great way to meet other great people and just relax! And if you are going to the Great YA Blogger Meetup see if you can drop by both places, I know everyone would love to say hi!

Oh and the venue is:

Saturday,  June 23, 2012 at  California Pizza Kitchen  which is about a 15 minute walk from the convention center. But there is also a busing service for 4 dollars a day which can also get you there on time. We are thinking about having it start around 5:30-7:30PM since we all need to eat, and if you are going to both meet ups you can make it to both with this timing :D. Here is a small map and the address:

Anaheim Garden Walk
321 W. Katella Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92802
On Katella Ave.
(714) 991-0305

So everyone is welcome! This is all self paid, you buy what you want, and just total "laid back-ness". So yea come and join us, it will be a ton of fun! 


  1. Too bad I live on the other side of the USA!!

  2. YES!! I'm going with Jenny from bookstothesky.com and I'll let her know about this!! :o)