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November 18, 2011

Special Someone Saturday ! #7

Hey guys!
This was a tough week for me, and because of that I found the inspiration for this weeks question !
Who is the toughest character you have ever discovered? It can be mentally, physically, or emotionally. what made them so special? 
      One of the toughest characters I have ever read about/ discovered has to be Matisse Osgood from Alive and Well in Prague, New York by Daphne Grab. Matisse has a pretty tough life if I say so myself. Her dad has Parkinson's Disease, her mom is basically depressed, and Matisse has to move Prague, New York - leaving behind her whole life. And she may seem stressed with her parents, but she held it all together the whole year! And she finally broke, but it was good for her. I can relate to Matisse so much, it's not even funny. Matisse is a great character and the book is amazing ! So this was my special someone this week! Who is yours ? Just create a post, a tweet(s), and just put it in the Linky or in the comments below !

~Fishy >O

I love comments by the way, and love what you have to say !

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