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November 5, 2011

Review of Dumpling Days

There was no day that dumplings couldn't make better.
Pacy is back! The beloved heroine of The Year of the Dog and The Year of the Rat has returned in a brand new story. This summer, Pacy's family is going to Taiwan for an entire month to visit family and prepare for their grandmother's 60th birthday celebration. Pacy's parents have signed her up for a Chinese painting class, and at first she's excited. This is a new way to explore her art talent! But everything about the trip is harder than she thought it would be—she looks like everyone else but can't speak the language, she has trouble following the art teacher's instructions, and it's difficult to make friends in her class. At least the dumplings are delicious...
As the month passes by, Pacy eats chicken feet (by accident!), gets blessed by a fortune teller, searches for her true identity, and grows closer to those who matter most.
     This book was so adorable! having not read a Middle-grade book in a while, I had lots of fun reading Dumpling Days. Pacy is on a trip to Taiwan, and well her sisters and her are not very excited. Being a traveler myself I felt jealous Pacy was getting to go (I really want to go to Taiwan) ! So reading this book, you get really great insights of a person traveling for the first time! I loved being a 12 year old girl again (the good o'l days) and the experiences! This book just brings back so many memories, and is just a very fun read. If you had to pick out a middle grade book out, pick this one in January!
    One of my favorite parts were the pictures. The little pictures on the side expressed Pacy's imagination so well, but they also just gave a visual to all the great things she has seen on her trip. There are a couple pages where she talks about dumplings, well more than a couple...and well that inspired me to make some for myself! Delicious by the way, and so much variety !
    So if you are in the mood for a middle grade read, you try this out ! It is cute, funny, and I just love getting sent back 4 years to the good old days :D This book would get a 4.5/5 for me :). It is truly an inspiring, funny, and adorable ( i don't think that is the right word, but anyways only one I can think of) book, and people of all ages will love it ! Especially if you like witty humor, and awesome pictures :D

~Fishy >O

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