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October 5, 2013

Special Someone Saturday: Elijah (from The Reece Malcom List)

This Saturday my Special Someone has to be Elijah from The Reece Malcom List which I reviewed a few weeks ago here.

Elijah may have been the guy that Devan didn't want, but the moment this rocker was introduced was definitely enticed. 
He genuinely cared about Devan, and he listened and talked to her. His conflicted feelings though made it suck for them. He is the sweet, but funny musician *note: musicians are hot* so I was automatically attracted. But his caring nature and how he sorta marks his territory so other guys don't on Devan was really cute. 
And even though he kept tabs, he gave Devan space. Non clingy is always a win for me :D Even though he wasn't the main love interest, I honestly felt more for him as a character than the main love interest. Like I was seriously screaming at Devan/the book when things were not going the way I wanted....I get emotionally invested. Don't judge me >.<

Without further ado, let me present to you Daren Kagasoff as Elijah (well what I thought Elijah looked like). I say go a few years younger and add some guyliner and we are golden! 
Celebrity Crushes♥ Daren Kagasoff (DarenKagasoff) on TwitterANGELS LOOK THE OTHER WAY - Daren Kagasoff by Hedi Slimane | November 2009Facebook | Josh Williams Photographys Photos - CELEBRTIES

Not All That Glitters Is Gold | via Tumblr

So that was my special someone; who's yours? Tell me in the comments below!

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