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April 6, 2013

Special Someone Saturday- William Herondale

In honor of Clockwork Princess coming out, this week my Special Someone is Will Herondale! Will is your sexy, tormented, tall, dark, and handsome shadow hunter. Plus he is an ancestor of shadowhunter Jace Wayland, from The Mortal Instruments series!
William that name is just swoon worthy! The brooding Brit #alliteration is what I call every girl's dream. Similar to many boys in YA, Will is a total "bad-arse" (yes, I meant that. Cuing in my inner Brit). Without spoiling the book I have no idea how to explain his reasoning for acting such a way. For those of you have read it, isn't it so sad yet so sweet of him?!

William Herondale has this interesting charm. He is flirtatious, uses crude humor, and he is oh so overprotective! He acts like he doesn't care, but the more he does that, the more you know he cares. A lot. Out of the two swoon worthy guys in the book, Will is definitely the more outrageous/ manly one. He is tougher, and when you picture him, unlike his partner, Will doesn't seem frail.

To express his swoonworthiness, let me give you a visual. A few months ago a British model, Joshua Anthony Brand had his face photoshopped into an 1800s-esque picture. His face plus that picture = William Herondal *Swoon* *Faint* *Wake up* *repeat*

See! This is how I, and probably everyone else pictures Will. Let me show you a few more pictures to show you what Will really looks like (to me anyway).

Are you getting the idea? Will is Definitely my Special Someone this Saturday, who is yours?
Comment below and tell me who you claim as your Special Someone this week! 

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