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May 23, 2012

Blogger Birthday Bash: Interview-Cassie Alexander + Giveaway!

Happy Belated Birthday to Cassie Alexander's NightShifted! NightShifted releases today, on May 22th! NightShifted is Adult fiction, but this book has awesome topics (GRUESOME MEDICINE - my type of thing) and if you are mature enough you should give it a try!  So come read this interview with  Cassie Alexander  and checkout  NightShifted ! Remember to comment so you get an entry in the giveaway!
Nightshifted (Nightshifted, #1)

What is your favorite book of all time?
The Stars my Destination by Alfred Bester. It's a crazy book, a little politically dated now because it was written in the 50's, but it's a science fiction revenge story that is amazing. I love the escalation of the action and the consequences of the protagonist's choices -- there's nothing that you can predict, and it's mindblowing as it happens. The ending stuns you.
What was your inspiration to write your book?
Nightshifted, if I'm honest, is really a ton about me processing becoming a nurse on a critical care unit. (Which is just what everyone wants to hear about buying new fiction, that it's thinly disguised memoir, not. I hear you. That's why there's sex and vampires in it.) It's kind of about the transition between being a normal member of society who can go through their lives in a sheltered bubble, not getting yelled at by drunk people, punched at, spit on, or who has to see people missing half their faces and draining purulent wounds....to becoming someone who can roll with that and who winds up enjoying dealing with it. As long as she gets paid. Getting paid is paramount ;).
What is one book you wish, you had written?
The Stars my Destination, or The Last Werewolf, or House of Leaves. (Old skool choice: Dune. New skool choice: Hunger Games ;))
Why did you start writing books for young adults? And why this genre?
Nightshifted is definitely rated R, and isn't YA at all. Though I won't feel bad if some kids who read that sort of thing read it. I know I read everything when I was growing up.
What makes your book so different from all the books out there?
It's set in a hospital and I'm actually a nurse, so that's the big one. The medical stuff is as real as I could get it without it interfering with the story. I also try to have my protagonist, Edie, be really honest in it, which may or may not work for the reader. Her life isn't perfect. It's not ever going to be perfect. She's never going to wind up with a perfect guy. So it's not a super escapist read...but I think sometimes people want to read something more accessible than unreal. Maybe. I hope ;).
Are you currently working on anything new? If so can we get a clue on what it is ;D?
Write now I'm working on the fourth book in the Nightshifted series, and I'm kicking around a few other ideas. No spoilers though, sorry ;).
Who was your favorite character in the whole story? And why?
Oooh, that's very tough. Probably Dren -- he's an asshole, and those are really fun to write.
Any tips or tricks for aspiring writers?
Be possessive of your time. There'll always be a million distractions, a million things you'll think you're missing out on, a million people telling you that you're wasting your time. If you're going to get anywhere as a writer you need to be able to focus and ignore the haters.
What is your writing atmosphere like?
There's always a cat on my lap, and there's always techno music on Pandora. Those are the only two things I can control -- I try not to sweat the rest.
What is the best part about having your book released in May?
That it's almost summer! I love thinking about people taking it on vacations or reading it over break.

Speed Round

Favorite food ?
Sushi :D
Favorite Book Store?
Borderlands Bookstore in San Francisco 
Favorite City in the world?
New York City, hands down.


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